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How to Travel From Kolkata Airport to Kolkata City Centre?

The Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, erstwhile known as the Dum Dum Airport is located at Kolkata, in the state of the West Bengal. Geographically it is positioned 11miles (17kms) away from the heart of the city but is well connected with taxis, buses and trains, making it easy for onward travel. This guide will detail how to travel from Kolkata airport to the city centre.

Onward travel from Kolkata Airport

When traveling to a new city, one of the common concerns for visitors is the onward journey from the airport, especially if expecting to be tired and exhausted from a long flight. Luckily, Kolkata airport has multiple suitable onward travel options to reach the different tourist areas of the city and as the city is an inexpensive destination, this first journey will not blow the entire holiday budget! Options include the brightly painted yellow taxis and relaxing air conditioned buses. The following section will explain depth these different options.

Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata

Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata

Airport to Kolkata By taxi

Taxi travel is often the most convenient method of onward travel, and taxi travel is relatively cheap - just be sure of the fare before leaving the airport. The choice is varied when it comes to selecting a cab as there are multiple options that a traveler can choose from, including; yellow cabs which are almost an emblem of the heritage of the city), radio cabs, Kolkata cabs, Mega cabs, Meru and Uber has reached Kolkata.

There is a prepaid taxi counter in the airport itself operated by the Bengal Taxi Association. This can be the most convenient option for exhausted travelers as there no need undergo the protracted haggle the ritual. The fare depends on the final destination, but for example if downtown is the predestined area then the fare ideally should not exceed 500RS ($8). The journey time from the airport to the city center is heavily dependent on the traffic with journey times range from 30 minutes in light traffic to well over one and a half hours at rush hour. When traveling to the airport always give yourself plenty of time to account for the horrendous traffic of Kolkata.



There are private taxis that are parked outside the arrivals hall and it is common for these drivers to lure passengers straight from the exit area. A word of caution for these cabs as they are unregulated, meaning possible dangerous vehicles and unsafe for single traveling women. Also private taxis (and some licensed taxis) will seek to overcharge tourists and push for high commissioned hotels. The recommend option for onward travel from the airport is to hire a pre-paid taxi from the arrivals hall.

Airport to Kolkata By bus

State-run buses, private buses and air-conditioned Volvo buses all depart from the airport and travel to different section of the city. Some regular buses are the VS1 that connects the airport to the downtown area, the VS2 with Howrah Station and the V1 to that goes from the airport to Tollygunge in south Kolkata. Fares vary depending on distance and standard of class but ticket range from 20RS (state local) – 100RS (Volvo AC). Bus travel is susceptible to the dense traffic of the city, if you require to travel to a destination quickly (e.g., Howrah Station) it is recommended to hire a taxi.

Airport to Kolkata By trains

There is a train station at Kolkata Airport but there are few useful departures, a better option is a catch a taxi to Dum Dum Junction 5km from the airport. This station is a main hub for the Kolkata metro and there are many regular departures to the city centre. The trains from Kolkata airport connect to the two major railway stations of Kolkata namely the Howrah Station, which is 16km from the airport and the other being the Sealdah Railway Station which is 18 km from NSCBI Airport.

Kolkata Airport Information

NSCBI is popularly known as the ‘Kolkata Airport’ or simply the ‘Airport’ by the locals. It caters to both domestic and international flights throughout the day, which is why it has been crowned as the 5th busiest airport of India. It has all the modern amenities that people on the go look for including internet cafes ATMs, spacious parking lot, VIP lounge and even a 25 room hotel that can be found on the second floor ready to serve customers at even odd hours. The one disappointment of Kolkata Airport is that there is no free Wi-Fi in the airport.


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