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Jaipur, Avoiding Illness & Food Poisoning

One of the factors which ruins many holidays to Jaipur is catching the dreaded diarrhea and sickness viruses and bacterias that are caused by poor food hygiene and preparation. Some visors are just unfortunate and are struck down for an unpleasant day or two but on many occasions the illness is a direct result of an action by the visitor. This guide will, hopefully, provide insight and suggestions to prevent the unpleasantries of being ill while in India.

Avoiding Illness in Jaipur

The first and golden rule is never drink the tap water or eat any items which may have been washed in it. This sounds very obvious by drinking only bottled water but consider fruit and vegetables which may have been washed. Do not add ice to drinks, it may be very tempting but the quality of the ice cannot always be guaranteed even in clean and respectable establishment which may out source ice production.

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There is no such thing as a hassle free shop in Jaipur

Always eat food which is piping hot an item that is only warm may have been just reheated and been cooked days ago. Rice is notoriously bad for cultivating bacterial which can cause food related illness. When deciding on a place to eat at use the second golden rule eat where the locals eat. A resident of the city knows which places are good and quality assured, if a place is busy then it must be acceptable by the locals (or other travelers). Be wary of places where you are the only customers. If a establishment is busy it will generally indicate that the food is fresh and has not been standing for days.



Jaipur Spicy Food and Illness

Indian food can be very spicy, consider not just your mouth but also your stomach when ordering spicy dishes. A spice filled dish can often give the appearance of a bacteria related infection in the following morning. The instant remedy for overly spicy food is a milk based product or drink. If you inadvertently eat a too spicy chili do not ask for water but instead request a lassi or yogurt. Be very cautious of food sold on the street. The exceptions are if it is very hot or freshly cooked in front of you, but for other items be wary. It is advised to carry small bottle of anti bacteria Madrid gel for the times an eating establishment does not provide soap or even any water.

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The snake charmer will want a tip or face the wrath of his snake!

Jaipur - Charcoal Tablets

Charcoal tablets are a modern food supplement which is meant to aid in the bodies suppression of food related bacteria infections. There has been extensive scientific studies which support the claims of taking the charcoal tablets after each meal. These tablets will never prevent all infections but are a recommended supplement during the early stages of a holiday. The tablets should be table after each meal.


It is very easy to get paranoid about the standard of hygiene in India, it can be very bad but is part of the Indian experience. The main advice is to use common sense all the time regarding food, if a place looks dirty or is empty avoid.


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