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Ram Niwas Garden and Jaipur Zoo

The Ram Niwas Gardens are the green central open space for the city to breathe fresh air but the park is far from a paradise to relax and avoid the hassle that Jaipur so often presents.The park was built during the era of Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh who wished green landscaped grounds surrounding the Albert Hall. The Albert Hall complex at its original conception was to be Jaipur’s city hall to be sat amid 70 acres of park land.

Jaipur Zoo

The park was initially constructed in 1868 and coincided with the completion of the Albert hall, which was converted into the central museum.At the turn of the last century the area of the park was reduced with the increased construction of the city, so that presently the park only covers half of its original size. Contained with the park are the Ravindra Rang Manch Theatre and the cities zoo. The Jaipur Zoo is India’s oldest Zoo and was constructed as part of the Ram Niwas Gardens in 1877. The zoo has been divided into two sections one half for animals the other for birds. Though not the worst in India it is not at the same standard as western zoos with some small cages and sad looking animals.

Jaipur Zoo Tourist Information

The main conservation work carried out by the zoo is with its intensive breeding program on endangered crocodiles. As with many sights in Jaipur there is a dual pricing system one for Indians and one for tourists (150 Rs and locals 20 Rs). Strangely the zoo is open every day but Tuesdays.


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