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Jaipur Auto Rickshaw Guide

The autorickshaws of Jaipur are a very convenient and inexpensive method of travel around the city. These small three wheeled taxis have the added advantage of being able to dodge and weave through Jaipur’s never ending traffic and for short journeys are much quicker than conventional taxis. As with all services used by visitors in Jaipur forceful haggling is required to get an acceptable rate, which will still be significantly more than the locals pay. This guide will provide an overview of auto rickshaws in Jaipur, including typical fares and travel advice.

Jaipur Autorickshaw Overview

Jaipur’s auto rickshaws are painted yellow and green and designed to carry a maximum of four passengers although this is routinely flouted. There has been an effort by the police to enforce the use of the fare meters installed on all rickshaws but the majority of tourists give up during the protracted haggling process and just agree on a set price. Generally the true price is half of what is initially suggested by the driver.

Jaipur Auto Rickshaw

Jaipur Auto Rickshaw, the best way to travel round Jaipur

For those travellers to Jaipur on a tight budget rickshaws offer a very cheap means to travel around the city quickly. For those visitors on a more exclusive tour of India a ride in a rickshaw is hectic, manic and much more fun than sat in a stuffy taxi!!

Jaipur Auto Rickshaw Fares

The official fare price for a rickshaw in Jaipur is Rs15 for the first kilometre and then Rs10 for each subsequent kilometre. Drivers have been threatened with seizure of rickshaws if they are found not to be using a meter for a journey. This may apply to Jaipur’s residents but most visitors will have to haggle very hard for the meter to be even considered.


The most common use of an auto rickshaw is the journey to the Amer Fort that lies 12km to the north of Jaipur. The typical return journey is Rs300-350 and includes a 2 hour wait. Jaipur cycle rickshaws are slightly cheaper than auto rickshaws but any small saving is lost in wasted time. Taxis in Jaipur cost more than rickshaws and cost approximately Rs20-25 per kilometre.



Auto rickshaw One Day Hire

To hire a Jaipur auto rickshaw for the whole day cost Rs450-500 and typically the driver will follow a standard route of all the main tourist sights of Jaipur. A hired rickshaw from the street will be much cheaper than one organised through your hotel as the hotel will charge a commission from driver.

Jaipur auto rickshaw

A ride in a Jaipur auto rickshaw

If hiring a auto rickshaw for the day it does help if the driver speaks good English so can briefly describe the sights, route and other information. The only disadvantage is that the driver will be more persuasive when encouraging shopping visits.


All rickshaw drivers are paid good commission for any sales made at shops which they take visitors to. Shopping in Jaipur can be a laborious and frustrating process so simply decline any offers of free shopping trips made by the driver. For a day trip with rickshaw start the day as early as possible as the elephant rides at Amer fill up before 9am and all of the main tourist attractions close before 5pm.


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