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Jaipur Water, Safe to Drink?

Jaipur water, safe to drink? - not by a long way! Jaipur tap water is not safe to drink and should be avoided by all visitors. Jaipur is a very hot city and visitors will find themselves requiring an almost constant supply of water but drinking water should always come from bottled water. When purchasing bottle water always ensure that the seal has not been tampered with and that you open the bottle. There was once a sneaky trade of selling plastic bottles refilled with undrinkable tap water and some unscrupulous shops may still continue this trade.

Jaipur Water Safe to Drink Other Considerations

Ice is another consideration, which may seem very tempting after the heat of Jaipur’s streets but this often leads to the dreaded stomach upsets. Ice is routinely added to drinks or to keep food cool but it is very difficult to confirm if the source of the water was safe, so sadly best avoid ice for your time in Jaipur (and India).


Always consider the standard of water which is being used while cleaning teeth and to a lesser extent face and hands. Always have a bottle of water back in the hotel room and anti bacteria gels are highly recommended for use during the day. Sometimes water is served with meals in restaurants always check before drinking. Water provided in places aimed for local residents will generally serve tap water as many of Jaipur’s population are forced to drink the unpurified water at home.


The final caution with tap water in Jaipur is that it may have been used in food preparation. Dishes which boil for longer that 2-3 minutes are safe but salads and desserts with washed fruit may be unsafe so best again avoided.


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