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Jaipur For Kids and Families

Let’s start by being brutally truthful, Jaipur is not a great destination for young children and families toddlers or babies. If you are planning a vacation or holiday with children there are much better destination to go than Jaipur. Jaipur is a destination designed for experienced travelers or those travel as part of a larger tour group and not for families with young children.

Why is Jaipur not suited for Children?

The two main reasons why Jaipur for kids is not a good holiday idea are:

There are very few children orientated activities and children may get quickly bored while exploring the forts, temples and palaces. The only activity which may excite children is Jaipur Zoo but the standards that the animals are kept in is well below western expectations.

The secondary and main reason why Jaipur for kids is difficult is based around the atmosphere of the city. Jaipur suffers with extreme heat, has high levels of pollution and general very dirty and dusty. These factors will make it very draining for children while visiting any of the tourist sights of the city. This combined with the constant Jaipur hassle factor and potential for child illness makes Jaipur an unsuitable destination for children under 15.

Jaipur For Kids Activities

Kids Activities in Jaipur include the elephant ride at Amer Fort. This elephant ride takes visitors from the base of the castle through to the main courtyard. (Rs900 for two people). The monkeys of the Galta Ji temple will entertain children and the route from Jaipur includes a short hike over a hill. Jaipur Zoo, as mentioned before, is okay but far from great.

Jaipur For Kids - Attitudes

For those visitors who are travelling with children will be surprised by the level support provided by both people who work within the tourist industry and by compete strangers. It is the city itself which makes travel with children difficult not the residents who live in it. Restaurants and holes will be accommodating to families but do not expect to find any public changing facilities and toilets can be very bad.


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